How It All Began

MYGENPRO is a scalable online PRODUCT AUTHENTICATION and ANTI COUNTERFEITING service. MYGENPRO is for MALAYSIAN made products. Using MYGENPRO brand owners will be able to protect their brand against counterfeiting. Brand owners can view traceability of products and offer product warranty registration.







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Vision And Mission


To offer Malaysian businesses and brands the opportunity to protect their Identity using QR Code labels. Protect your identity using our Product Authentication and Anti Counterfeiting solution for small and medium sized businesses. Fast turn around and minimal investments. Take your brand Global with us!


Offering a LOW COST and EASY to implement Product Authentication and Anti Counterfeiting verification service.

Who owns and operates MYGENPRO?

MYGENPRO is managed and operated by DIEM Duroil Sdn Bhd. Founded in 2003, DIEM Duroil has organically grown from a B2C online retailer to a B2B wholesale supplier.

DIEM Duroil offers a ONE STOP solution for OEM or “Private labelling” of Malaysian made products.

From Lifestyle, Health and Functional foods, Cosmetics and Medical Devices. DIEM Duroil has the experience and a proven track record for successful GLOBAL delivery of Malaysian made products.

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The DIEM Duroil Advantage:

We offer complete product development and product registration services. We prepare what is necessary for you to be in compliance with the necessary Regulatory authorities. We have successfully registered traditional, food and cosmetic products in Malaysia. We have similar success in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. We offer complete support for EXPORT. We will share our experience and help you get quicker results in less time!

We have over 18 years of E-commerce and online B2C sales experience. We also offer product branding, website development and marketing services. We offer access to our clients to sell to the USA via Access to the China market via and Global presence via

NOW with MYGENPRO - DIEM Duroil offers a scalable and low cost solution for Product Authentication, Anti Counterfeiting system and Product Registration service.

What Makes Us MYGENPRO?


We have pre-purchased our services from an experience technology provider with a proven track record for product verification and authentication service. We share these services backed by the highest Service Level Agreement available from our technology provider.


We believe in what we do! That is why - we have been in this business since 2003. We faced many challenges and we have a proven formula for success. We are here and will be here for the next several years. We look forward to working with our clients - be it their first product, or brand - we will help you take it to the next level! Why? SIMPLE - because we LOVE doing it!

Our Values

From product development, product branding and now product authentication. We offer a ONE STOP solution - we bring our proven track record and experience to meet your needs and requirements. We create synergistic opportunities with our clients. We ensure values like Integrity, Consistency, Safety and Efficacy is embedded into our everything that we do. We have a committed team to help you on your way - towards mutual success!


Integrity is core to our value system. We have been in business since 2003. Our first clients today continue to work with us - with continued success. We pride in building the trust and delivering excellence all the time.